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In this video, we will make Cream Rolls which is made using Puff Pastry. This is in authentic Indian Bakery Style, in which the puffs are made using puff-ghee/margarine and laminated in book and letter fold. One of the easiest puff pastry recipe it is 🙂

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Cream Rolls:
Maida – 2 cups / 250g appx
Puff Margarine – 25g (I used Golden Spread from 3F, you can also use Margarine)
Salt – 8g / 2 tsp
Sugar – 1 tbsp / 16g
Water – 12-16 tbsp appx

Dry Maida – as required to dust and roll
Puff Margarine – 160g

Milk – to brush

Whipping Cream – 200ml
Chocolate – to coat cream rolls (optional)
Nuts / Cherry – optional

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  1. Shaheen Jiwani says:

    Yaaman please I need recipe for missal and ussal pav

  2. Rishita Modi says:

    Do it with butter

  3. Ak kr says:

    The machine you’re sponsoring is highly highly overpriced

  4. Urooj Rajput says:

    Very nice👌👌👌

  5. Zeenat Premji says:

    Great job. You are amazing

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