Fennel Seeds / सौंफ SuperFood For Weight Loss | Hormonal Balance, Digestion | Benefits & Recipes

Fennel seeds one of the most powerful herb in the world that helps in a lot of health problems. From weight loss, to lowering bad cholesterol, boosting brain power to hormonal balance, treating indigestion to healing any respiratory disorder fennel or aniseeds have multiple health benefits for you. Today, I will share with you the basics of fennel seeds, its health benefits & some recipes.

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  1. Sonia Naik says:

    Mam i have been using this for water retention, bloating n all other problem related to my over weight but without any positive results.kindly reply

  2. Mailni Ankitha says:

    Thanks mam for the useful information 😘😘👌👌👌👋👋👋

  3. Juhi Dhoot says:

    Ma’am can you please let me know how can I get in touch with you.

  4. Rizwana Tabassum says:

    When we have to consume it for weight loss?

  5. Shine Roy says:

    could you please make small videos of upto 5 minutes.. talk to the points only

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