[MUST TRY]ચોકલેટ શેક|Chocolate Shake Recipe|चोकलेट शेक|Thick chocolate Milkshake|Chocolate Smoothie

Lijjjat – The real Taste, Today tried, how to make chocolate Shake Recipe? A very simple and quick way to make chocolate Shake Recipe at home.

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It’s also called

1. Chocolate Shake
2. Chocolate Milkshake
3. Thick Shake
4. Chocolate smoothie
5. terrace kitchen
6. Oreo shake
7. Oreo milkshake/oreo smoothies
8. Oreo Ice cream shake
Please note down ingredients for Choclate Milkshake Recipe.

1. 2 big scoops – Vanilla Ice Cream
2. 4 Tbs – Sugar
3. 1 Cup – Milk
4. 2 tbs – Choclate Powder
5. Whipped Cream – As per requirement
6. Sliced chocolate

Gas Stove you may use: (affiliate)

Pan/non-stick pan you may use: (affiliate)

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