Nutrient Loaded Quinoa Superfoods Curry Bowl – plant based recipe

I you need some good low fat vegan recipes or gluten free plant based recipes, this Quinoa Superfoods Curry Bowl is perfect to add to your collection. I have been reading Dr. Michael Gregger’s How not to die book and trying to incorporate his daily dozen whole food requirements as part of my daily diet and recipes. Quinoa is an excellent source of Protein and many Micronutrients, minerals and vitamins, combined with Curry which has both Tumeric and Pepper in it, along with adding fresh herbs and some cruciferous veggies, and you have an incredibly nutritionally dense meal with low calories.
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  1. Han Olvido says:

    Chef I uploaded my quinoa curry in my channel hehehe

  2. Han Olvido says:

    Chef sir told me very nice… 😘😘😘😘

  3. Han Olvido says:

    Chef already cooked my quinoa curry .. perfect hahaha

  4. Han Olvido says:

    Before I forgot , no need to add salt or pepper? I will make it this tonight ..I’ve heard you saying add a coconut? So can add on it right?

  5. Han Olvido says:

    Excited to do this recipe also… Yes!

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