3 Sausage Roll Recipes… but which is best? Quick vs Vegan vs Gourmet

Ad | Today, you’re in for an absolute treat! Sausage roll recipes compared. As well as the ULTIMATE version of this classic snack with homemade puff pastry, these VEGAN rolls will blow you away.

You can find the recipes we made here…

Quick Garlic + Fennel Sausage Roll :
Vegan ‘Sausage’ Roll:
Ultimate Sausage Roll:

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  1. A VEGAN SAUSAGE ROLL!?!? I excitedly started watching vid for 3 great recipes to try and i got 2 recipes and an abomination against man!
    Its a bloody nut loaf, not a sausage roll, by definition a sausage roll used to have a face.

  2. I usually do not like eating and chewing sounds, but that bite into handmade puff pastry was heaven.

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