Chocolate Cake Wrap & Decorations

Learn how to decorate any cake with a chocolate cake wrap and fun chocolate decorations! It’s easier than you think!
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12 Layer Chocolate Cake: recipe coming soon!


  1. Saly Black says:

    Queen of the kitchen . You are so clever , but make it look so easy .

  2. FitAngie says:

    That looks amazing Tatyana 😍😍

  3. Susan Burris says:

    Wow…looks easy but makes you look like a pro!

  4. Miss Lisa ตุ๊กตา NL says:

    WOW ☺ its AMAZING 🙄 Looks like a birthday Cake. Put them in my Cake topics playlist 😉

  5. tno marcy says:

    👋 Is there a recipe for this cake

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