Lean and Green Post Workout Shake For Weight Loss! Today I want to share a quick and simple video recipe that is an excellent post workout shake for weight loss.

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This is a perfect post workout shake for people looking to maintain lean muscle while in a calorie deficit.

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Let me explain why the nutrients in this shake will help with weight loss.

– High in protein and essential amino acids
– Lower in calories and carbohydrates

A post workout shake low in carbs…say what? Now I know you’ve probably heard me say carbohydrates post workout are in a good thing, and in most cases it is. Especially when you’re already lean and looking to build muscle. If that’s you, this post-workout shake recipe is NOT for you.

So the difference with this post workout shake is that it’s designed specifically for overweight people who are following a low carb fat loss diet. But here’s a shocker.

When you’re overweight and your goal is fat loss, carbohydrates are not as essential after your workout. The reason is with all that extra stored body fat, your glycogen levels are probably close to or already at capacity.

When you have a fat loss goal, it’s important to keep sugar consumption lower as you want to turn your body into a fat burning machine. This means you want to burn stored fat for energy, not sugar.

However, with all this said, it’s still very important to take a protein shake after your workout.

Your post workout shake for weight loss should contain key nutrients to:

– Increase muscle protein synthesis:
Protein synthesis promotes muscle growth, muscle repair, and muscle recovery, to prevent further muscle breakdown caused by your workout. Remember, since your goal is weight loss, it’s also super important to do whatever you can to maintain muscle while in a calorie deficit. This is key because maintaining lean muscle is critical in building a fast and healthy metabolism. Focus on losing weight from stored body fat, not weight from lean muscle.

The nutrients in this post workout shake for weight loss will help maintain lean calorie crushing muscle while burning off the stored body fat.

– Maintaining hydration:
After a workout, your body can be depleted of water, therefore it’s important to drink lots of water after your workouts. This post workout shake can help increase your water consumption.

– Replenish your body with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants:
After a tough workout your body is like a sponge that is looking to suck up a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants to help speed up recovery.

The greens powder and organic spinach will definitely help add more of these superfood nutrients to your diet.

With all that said, here’s the recipe.

1.5 cups Water
1 handful Spinach
1 serving Athletic Greens:
2 scoops Rootz Paleo Protein:
3 grams Leucine
5 grams Creatine Monohydrate
1 serving Stevia optional
3 ice cubes


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  1. Here’s a link to the full recipe and nutrition info over on our blog: … also all the links to the recommended post workout shake supplements are in the video description above.

  2. Love your channel. What do you think about a carnivore diet?I’m fully fat adapted coming off keto. 5percent bodyfat now and am a endurance and calistenics addict. I run 12MILES and do 500 bodyweight dips. Please respond, I trust your opinion, also do organ meats. Y’all have a awesome channel.

  3. Would you say that Pilates and yoga style workouts are in need of a post workout smoothie / meal when trying to lose weight? Or would you go low carb all day even when doing these type of workout ?

    1. low carb, kid friendly meals are the exact style of cooking video recipes we share (close to 200) on our TeamLiveLean.com platform.

    2. Live Lean TV thank you for replying!
      Coming up with low carb dinners that are child friendly is definitely a challenge in my house. Any help in the future would be super duper! Lots of love to you guys

    3. Rosalind Tapper yes, it can still help but you probably wouldn’t need as much carbohydrates compared to if you were doing weight training and hiit

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