Sourdough Chocolate Cake – Recipe and How To

Today we are making my favorite cake!

4.5-5 Quart Flex Edge Beater for KitchenAid Tilt-Head Stand Mixer (Make sure you get the correct size for your mixer!)

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We are Bruce and Brenda and are new to homesteading. We are in planting zone 8B and have a large-ish garden and laying chickens.

We are called Slapout Homestead because that’s what the locals call our neighborhood. Our internet is so bad (how bad is it?), our internet is so bad that it takes 3 hours to upload a 6 minute video. I’m not kidding.

We are still building infrastructure in order to expand. I have been canning and preserving our harvests (some call this prepping). I call it insurance. We get bad weather here and sometimes the power goes out, and it would break my heart to lose everything in the freezer.

I started this YouTube channel in order to share what’s happening on the homestead with my grandchildren, who live in different states and only visit once a year. I hope they enjoy what we’re doing.

I also started this channel to share with YOU everything we’ve learned about chickens, gardening, and living frugally.

Bless You and yours.

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