Summer Special Chikoo Milk Shake Recipe | How To Make Chikoo Milkshake By Batool’s Kitchen

#Chikoomilkshae #howtomakechikooshake #batoolskitchen #ilovecooking Milkshakes will give you the energy boost that you need. Checkout the yummiest recipe of Chikoo Milk Shake By Batool’s Kitchen. Like & Share this Video: If You Like This Video Do Comment Make Sure You Subscribe Our Channel and Don’t Forget To Press The Bell Icon To Receive the Updates …

ચીકૂ મિલ્ક શેક ! ચીકૂ નુ જયુસ ! Chikoo milk shake recipe

ચીકૂ મિલ્ક શેક બનાવવામાં જોઈતી સામગ્રી 2 ગ્લાસ માટે 3 નંગ પાકા ચીકૂ 1 ગ્લાસ દૂધ (200મિલી) 2 ચમચી ખાંડ બરફ અને ગાર્નિશ માટે મીઠો મેવો

Chikoo Milk Shake Recipe| Chikoo Chocolate Milk Shake|Chiku Milk Shake|चॉकलेटी चीकू शेक

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RECIPE NO:112 HAPPY COOKING? THANKS FOR WATCHING? Sapota milk shake is well known to all. But still want to upload this video for beginners.You can make milkshakes very easily and hygienically at home. Buy ripened sapotas for milk shakes and make this healthy as well as tasty drink to beat this summer. Make the consistency …